Frequently Asked Questions

Created 8/15/20 10:30 p.m.

Last updated 8/17/20 1:30 p.m.

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1)  I do not have my student’s device yet.  How do I get it?

Principal Alexander sent an e-mail to every family who still has a device at the school. Please check your e-mail for instructions about picking up the device.  If you did not receive an e-mail, please send a message to Ms. Alexander at (You will also receive your classroom assignment if you have not already picked it up from the school.)


2)  My student is unable to access Schoology on his/her school device. What should I do?

E-mail the teacher.  There were issues with Schoology, and some students were not yet able to access the platform. Huntsville City Schools believes the issue has been resolved. The teacher can help you determine if your issue is specific to your student, or if it is part of the district-wide issues that have been experienced with Schoology.


3)  I do not know who my student’s teacher is. How do I find out?

Classroom assignments, contained in an envelope, were handed out this week along with devices.  If you have not picked up your device, then you will receive your classroom assignment when you pick up your device. If you have already picked up your device but you haven’t received your classroom assignment, please visit the school on Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. 


4)  I have not received any communication from my student’s teacher. Is that unusual? 

By now, every family should have received communication from their teacher. If you have not, then please e-mail your teacher. The teacher might have the wrong contact information for you, or there could be another problem that needs to be resolved. 


5)  My student’s device is not working properly (won’t turn on, won’t charge, etc.). What should I do?

Send an e-mail to Mrs. Woo at


6)  I have not seen the orientation video yet because we are unable to access Schoology. Will I still be able to watch it?

Yes. The orientation video was pre-recorded and it will be stored in Schoology for you to watch once your student has access.


7)  How do I join the JVE Schoology page as a parent?*

Obtain your unique access code from your teacher. Go to In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, click “SIGN UP” and then choose “Parent.” Enter your parent access code.

*Answer updated 8/16/20 5:15pm

8)  The camera on my student’s device is not working. How will he/she be able to participate in live lessons?*

The cameras on school-issued devices are typically not activated. However, due to the circumstances this year, Huntsville City Schools has activated the cameras. 

*Answer updated 8/17/20 1:30pm

9)  I enrolled in HVA (Huntsville Virtual Academy). Do messages addressed to “Jones Valley Elementary,” “JVE,” “Team JVE,” etc. apply to my student?

Yes! If you enrolled in HVA for the semester, Jones Valley Elementary (JVE) is your home school. All communication sent by Principal Alexander and the JVE PTA (Parent Teacher Association) apply to ALL students, including HVA students.


10)  I heard about e-mails and recorded calls sent by Ms. Alexander, but I have not received them. How do I make sure I receive these messages?

Ms. Alexander uses a system called SchoolCast to communicate certain schoolwide messages. Recently, it became apparent that families who are new to Huntsville City Schools are not receiving SchoolCast messages. Huntsville City Schools is working to resolve this problem. In the meantime, Ms. Alexander created an e-mail distribution list for all new families and she has been forwarding SchoolCast messages. If you are new to HCS but you have not received a message like this from Ms. Alexander in the last few days, please e-mail her at


11)  My student has to manually connect to the internet (by choosing the network and entering the password) every time he/she uses the school device. Is there any way to change the setting so that the device automatically connects to the network we will be using every day?

Unfortunately, this cannot be changed. 


12)  Is my student required to be logged in to his/her device during live instruction? What happens if my student is unable to log in during a live lesson?

Lessons will be provided live daily but will be recorded for access at a later time if needed. Please refer to the Virtual Attendance Policy for Huntsville City Schools below:


Virtual Attendance procedure for HCS:


  • Attendance is a combination of measures that indicate if a student is demonstrating adequate participation (and therefore attendance).  

  • This not only includes the actual attendance hours in the Huntsville City School learning platform (Schoology) but also lesson and assignment completion and communication with teachers/administration.  

  • In order to be in full attendance with Huntsville City Schools, a student must: 

    • Complete and submit course assignments in accordance with due dates to make adequate progress toward course completion. 

    • Communicate with Huntsville City School Staff as needed via Schoology, telephone conversations, and email correspondence. 

    • Adhere to the Huntsville City Schools school calendar for attendance days; however, students may choose to work on non-instructional days or swap vacation days during a semester (i.e. Fall Break) as long as they are on pace and passing all courses. Students who swap vacation days must consult with their teachers to ensure that no deadlines are missed. 


  • The steps Huntsville City Schools takes for marking a student absent are as follow: 

    • 1. After 3 days of student inactivity, the teacher will notify the parent to communicate the concern and expectation that the student participates in the course to make academic progress in alignment with the course. If direct contact is not made, a return email or phone call from the parent is required within 24 hours. 

    • 2. After 4 days of student inactivity, if there is not a response from the parent and/or the student does not actively participate in the course, the parent will be notified. 

    • 3. After 5 days of student inactivity, if there is not a response from the parent, and/or the student does not actively participate in the course, a welfare check referral, will be sent to the Department of Student Welfare, to determine the wellbeing of the student. If the well-being of the student and family is found to be intact, a notice to attend early warning court will be issued, due to the 5 days of inactivity.  

    • 4. After 5 days of student inactivity, the student will be marked absent on the 6th day until a Welfare Check has been completed.  The school will be notified of the status of the student’s attendance after the Welfare Check.  


13)  My student has an IEP, but I have not heard anything yet. What should I do?

Collaborative teachers will contact families shortly after school begins to discuss Distance Learning Plans.


14)  I am interested in picking up lunch from the school. What time will it be available for pickup each day?

Lunch is available for pickup between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. daily. 

15)  My student is trying to log in but is stuck on the Clever login screen. What should I do?* 

Mrs. Woo has submitted a ticket to the IT Help Desk asking to have this issue resolved. 

*Added 8/16/20 5:30 pm

16)  What should I do if we are still having issues when school starts and my student is unable to log in for class?*

This is not ideal, but it could happen. If it does, just e-mail your teacher and wait for her to reply.   

*Added 8/16/20 5:20 pm