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Josie Craig

Favorite Things

Birthday:  3/27

Favorite color:  Pink, Yellow (Bright colors for my classroom)

Salty Snack:  homemade chex mix; sour cream & cheddar chips; popcorn

Sweet Treat:  white chocolate (especially with almonds); Mr. Goodbar; Reese's   Pieces

Beverage:  Dr. Pepper; creamer with a little coffee :); bottled Sun Drop

Flower:  yellow roses; lavender; anything pink or happy colors

Restaurants:  Little Rosie's; Walton's; Nothing But Noodles; Chick-fil-A

Places to Shop:  Amazon; Target; Sweet Pineapple; Lawren's

Hobbies/Interests: watching tv; sleeping; reading; my dogs

Allergies/Dislikes: I don't like coconut. I usually only wear stud earrings.

3rd grade

Josie Craig
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