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Lunchroom Helpers

Lunchroom Volunteers help make sure JVE lunch time runs smoothly!

What to expect

Lunchroom volunteers report to the JVE lnchroom at the appointed time and help teachers monitor lunch. You'll watch for students to raise their hands and ask for assistance. Your duies might include:

  • handing out condiments at students' request

  • handing out forgotten napkins or utensils

  • helping students open lunch items like milk cartons

  • helping students clean up the occasional spill

  • greeting and encouraging students


This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know students in your child's classroom, as well as faculty and staff!

If it's your first time volunteering or if you have any questions, let us know by emailing


Sign up!

Click on the appropriate sign up for when you would like to volunteer:

August - September 2023


October, November, December 2023


January-February 2024


March, April, May 2024


Please contact

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